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Where can e-MTB's (electronic mountain bikes) be legally ridden in the Verde Valley/Sedona?

Nearly all of the legal MTB trails are located within the Coconino and Prescott National Forests, where e-MTB's are considered motorized vehicles. Therefore they are unsanctioned and illegal. 

However, there are options for e-MTB routes in the Verde Valley. Here is a summary of the current legal riding options for off-road e-bikes, which include e-MTB's:

eMTB General Use
For very useful general information on eMTB's click here

Legal eMTB riding options in Coconino National Forest
1. All motorized vehicle roads and trails, see Motor Vehicle Use Map here

2. White Hill OHV Trails here

Legal eMTB riding options in Prescott National Forest
E-bikes are only allowed on Legal Motorized routes (ATV/Motorcycle, Passenger car/Jeep) identified in the Motorized Vehicle use map here

VVCC works very collaboratively with the Forest Service on both the Coconino and Prescott National Forests, and VVCC follows the land manager’s rules and policies as it relates to E-Bikes. The position of the Forest Service on Class 1 E-Bikes is above.

  • If you own a Class 1 E-Bike, you are welcome to join the VVCC.
  • If you own a Class 1 E-Bike and a mountain bike, please bring your mountain bike to VVCC events.
  • VVCC will not turn away members that participate in VVCC events on their Class 1 E-bikes; however, you take the individual risk of a potential citation from the Forest Service.

The VVCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2003 (incorporated in March 2004) to promote road and mountain bike advocacy in, and around, the Verde Valley of Northern Arizona.




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